10th day Headcount Submissions: “High waves and deep waters”

January started with a BANG and the annual 10th-day headcount submission arrived rather quickly. With many questions and few official answers, we prepared as best we could for the uncharted SA-SAMS “waters” due to a data standard we are required to comply with for all our systems in 2017. Things gained momentum rapidly and massive waves became our immediate reality.

Validating our data through SA-SAMS can be compared to sailing someone else’s ship without its formal crew, right in the middle of a huge storm at sea. Without instruction, our support “crew” simply got “all hands on deck” and made things happen with constant help from the coast guard on call, many nautical miles away. Naturally, we are referring to our staff and clients of course.

We received over 5800 calls from the 16th of January up until the 31st of January 2017 in relation to the 10th-day submissions. Our support consultants, developers, business analysts, technicians, process engineers, receptionist, sales, marketing, training staff and managers who all pitched in without hesitation and kept us afloat. Faced with high winds and uncertainty, it was teamwork like never seen before, and everyone played their part, working as a well-oiled machine. No one saw “giving up” as an option. We were humbled and so thankful for all the compliance input, feedback and communication received from our schools. These included Departmental circulars, memos, problems identified, system manual suggestions and even the actual GDE extractor tool itself. We appreciate the constant updates on changes, newly released department tools and all other relevant “intel” received.

A heartfelt thank you to everyone for your hard work, long hours, questions, efforts, input and perseverance during this critical validation and submission process. It was certainly not an easy voyage. With many lessons learned, we have somehow reached our destination safely and what an experience it was!

We appreciate every frustrated client that had to be patient during the high call volumes and believe a congratulation is in order for your successful submissions. We salute you on a job well done. The last week is just proof that working together makes all the difference. With all of you at our side, we will do so again!

Ahoy! May the year ahead bring smooth sailing and sunny skies!

Back Row left to right: Fiona, Mmabatho, Arlene

Front Row left to right: Betty, Stephne, Liandi, Selinda, Leoni