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This is How the Principal Talk App supports our Schools

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With the launch of our Principal Talk application earlier this year, we as Principal Software recommitted ourselves to helping our schools be more effective. Schools are our clients but they are more than that, we consider them part of the Principal Software family.

The launch of Principal Talk gives schools an easy, cost efficient method of two-way communication between itself and parents. Never before has it been simpler, faster or cheaper to get information from or to relevant parties. Furthermore, the various channels of communication come at no cost to parents.

What makes Principal Talk even more unique, however, is its ability to give parents, who choose to buy a subscription, access to child-specific information such as Marks, Absenteeism, Disciplinary Record and Financial Information. It is here that we made good on our promise to treat our schools like part of our family. We undertook to give a share of  the proceeds received from parents for the app’s premium features BACK TO OUR SCHOOLS! In this way, we hope to make our school management system “pay for itself” from the schools perspective. The more parents that make use of the premium features, the more money to the school.

Expansion through Partnerships

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Principal Software is committed to growing its schools client base and support structures nationally.For this to be possible, however, we need to expand our sales, implementation, consultation and support capabilities. Over the past few months, we have developed a partnership model whereby companies around South Africa can choose to become an accredited Partner of Principal Software. This enables them to build a profitable business and perform any of the following tasks:
  1. Sales – Selling our software to schools for which they receive a once-off and recurring commission.
  2. Implementation – Implement our software at schools for which they receive an implementation fee based on the modules implemented.
  3. Consultation and Support – Consult and support our schools in the region where the partner is situated.
We are planning on expanding our Partner footprint to ensure that we provide our schools with great service no matter where they are located. Our current accredited partners are situated in Johannesburg and Pretoria you can contact us for more details. We are also expanding our partnership in the Cape Town / Stellenbosch / Paarl region and we will communicate our new Accredited Partner’s contact details as soon as they are ready to start serving our schools. Please let us know if you would like to suggest companies that might be interested in the opportunity of becoming an Accredited Principal Software Partner.

The Launch of our Mobile App – Principal Talk

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About the App: Our integrated mobile app called Principal Talk has finally been launched. With technology moving towards cloud-based solutions, Principal Talk has been developed as an extension of Principal Software’s cloud-based “PLUS” Administration, Finance and Communication Platform. Other than News, Calendar, School Contacts, Roles and Policies features, the Principal Talk Communicator App also includes the following features for users:
  • User authentication – only parents linked to  a school can get access to the App (au-pairs and other family can also be included via OTP (One-time-pin) authentication to existing parents
  • Users (Parents) are automatically linked to committees or groups where their kids are involved
  • Direct access to view the school’s Account Statement – in summary and per learner separately
  • Directly react to queries from school(s), effectively doing away with the traditional ‘tear-off’ slips
  • Update their personal information on the school database directly from the App – a full history of previous details is always available to the school
  • Request changes to learner data via the App
  • Make general enquiries to the school and receive feedback, all on the App
  • Report learner absenteeism with optional addition of medical documentation
  • View Child-specific content (billed per parent by Principal Software):
    • Learner Marks
    • Learner Discipline
    • Learner Finances
    • Learner Absenteeism
Apart from the functionalities offered, Principal Talk can also generate additional income for the school through sharing the revenue generated from the fees charged to the parents for their access to child specific information. What does the app cost? A once off activation fee of R1,000 will be charged per school but will be credited against the school’s sms account when the app is successfully launched. The school will then be charged a monthly fee, based on the number of learners in the school. Parents can also download the free version of Principal Talk to access school content, with child-specific content optionally available at R20 per month. A percentage of this fee is shared with the school as a fundraising project. For more information, please send an email to: or call us on: 012 612 0612

Budget Process Workshop in collaboration with FEDSAS

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The process of drafting the school budget is a developmental process that can significantly influence the Financial Management functions of the school. The planning of the budget should be a detailed and in-depth process and should take the school’s future goals and aspirations into consideration and be guided by the vision and mission of the school. Such planning will assist in identifying how much income will be needed to achieve the goals set out as well as additional methods of generating this income. The process of creating a budget is goal-orientated and driven by future aspirations, yet it should be realistic and take into consideration possible risks. For more information and to register click HERE.

End of Year Training

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It is around this time of year when School’s face tremendous pressure to complete the Administrative Year end process. Principal Software has scheduled Interactive workshops to try and alleviate this pressure and equip our clients with the skills to complete the Admin Year end with ease.

Our goal is to provide accessible training sessions for Year-End Promotion Mark Formulas as well as an Administrative Year-End Workshop to train clients to successfully complete these tasks. The best way to work efficiently is to have the knowledge to do the work better, quicker and more accurately.

We are offering up to a 20% discount of registrations if you decide to register for both workshops. Please click Here for more information.

Provincial Training Information – We are on the MOVE!

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In an effort to make training more accessible to our clients and to continue to support our clients to the best of our ability, Principal Software will be hosting training campaigns throughout five provinces in Southern Africa from 18 October to 3 November 2016.

Compliance workshops on how to submit school data to the DBE in SA-SAMS format will be held in all five provinces. Additionally, Q&A days will be held on Admin, Finance, and Curriculum in Kwa-Zulu Natal and the Western Cape. A general Q&A session will be hosted after the compliance workshop in the North West, Limpopo and Mpumalanga.

Sessions will be held in English unless the majority of schools use Afrikaans as a language of instruction.

 To register for your province’s training sessions follow the links below:

  1. Kwa-Zulu Natal
  2. Western Cape
  3. North West
  4. Limpopo
  5. Mpumalanga
For important information, click here