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From the desk of Willem

Written by Tania Hoon. Posted in News

Dear reader,

Over the past few months, exciting changes occurred and we have laid the foundations for great things to come. The most significant change has been the successful consolidation of Principal Software and d6 Technology under a new company called d6 group.

We Are Glad You Said Yes!

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Over the past two months, quite a few schools have joined forces with d6 education in our continued effort to create #effectiveschools both nationally and internationally. It is never an easy decision to take the plunge on a new product or service, but we are so glad you said ‘yes’. We believe that together we can make a difference.

Captains of Commerce

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Education is Key!
The sales team have recently been through extensive Princpal+ system training. “We gained a deeper understanding as well as an appreciation of the admin system and were in awe as learners were automatically assigned to subjects in the Curriculum.”, said Keith Smith, Head of Sales.

Compliance SA-SAMS Expertise

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Leading the Way Forward

Through innovative design thinking and the constant improvement of our school systems, the compliance department has grown into a strong pillar at d6 education. We are proud to announce that the development team recently made major improvements to the SA-SAMS export. Our focus remains to keep the teacher in the classroom.