From the desk of Willem

Dear reader,

Over the past few months, exciting changes occurred and we have laid the foundations for great things to come. The most significant change has been the successful consolidation of Principal Software and d6 Technology under a new company called d6 group. The combination of these two companies will enable faster and better development capabilities to ensure our technology is at the forefront of innovation but most importantly ensure that we provide world class support. Within the d6 group, we have established 3 new divisions namely d6 education, d6 media and d6 business. The establishment of the 3 divisions will ensure focus and excellence on both their product and service offering and support to their respective clients.

d6 education is all about #effectiveschools and becoming the most influential player in school management. d6 education, serving more than 2300 schools across South Africa and abroad assist schools to be more effective through providing comprehensive consultation, innovative technology, and most importantly, quality support and guidance.

d6 education’s comprehensive consultation services give schools access to a range of training initiatives including compliance (specifically SA-SAMS related and soon CEMIS) and financial management. The company’s innovative technology consists of proudly South African developed products including the well-known d6 School Communicator, a comprehensive communication tool between the school and its parents, and also Principal+, a cloud-based school management information system which integrate four key school management pillars namely administration, curriculum, finance and communication.

d6 media has been operating under d6 Technology for the last 8 years and has been successful in unlocking digital advertising opportunities within the well-known d6 School Communicator which has direct access to more than 700 000 parents.

d6 media currently owns all marketing and advertising rights for the d6 School Communicator. The main focus of d6 media is to grow the number of advertising platforms and opportunities available, focusing specifically on education-based platforms, in order to provide the advertising and marketing industry direct access to specific, targeted audiences within this environment.

d6 business has successfully provided the d6 business communicator to more than 140 companies across South Africa and we will continue to focus on improving and expanding the functionalities of the business communicator to ensure we support more effective communication.

d6 group is very grateful to our partners and customers for their ongoing loyalty and support, and we look forward to continue building on our product and service offerings and relationships in the future.

Until next time!

Willem Kitshoff
CEO – d6 group