SMART Software Conversion Extension

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Dear SMART Software Client, We would like to share some exciting news! Extension of SMART+ Conversion Deadline

Since our previous communication during October 2015 regarding SMART Software and the conversion to SMART+, we have successfully converted more than 32 schools! This, however, did not go without its challenges, as we understand that implementing a new and updated school administration system does have a large effect on the day-to-day operations of a school.

The SA-SAMS / LURITS debacle

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1. Background

We are all very aware of the SA-SAMS / Lurits debacle. Lots of views and discussions have been held regarding this. Without getting into too much detail, we are of the opinion that the policy makers are confusing the terms SAMS and SA-SAMS throughout the Education Sector. There is a distinct difference in these two terminologies.

Our partnership with Google

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Extremely privileged, excited and amazed are only some words which could describe the development and success attained in our partnership with Google for Education. We have been dreaming about working with Google for quite some time now and have had major success thus far.

Continuous Updates

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We are constantly striving to better the user experience and therefore we continue to enhance existing features. Communication is an integral part of informing users of the enhancements and for this we have the Notice Board located in the top right hand corner of the web page, of a logged in user. Please read these Notices – we take great care to provide you with relevant and important information!

Update on Creditors

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The creditors function is a long awaited module and we are proud to say – It is ready! We will soon be communicating our official launch date as this is a major upgrade to our financial offering. Watch the space.


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This module acts as a link between the learner absenteeism and learner code of conduct modules. This will enable you to capture valid learner absenteeism and at the same time indicate if the reason of absenteeism is due to a code of conduct related reason. The captured data in this step will automatically update the usual absenteeism data as well as the code of conduct data, eliminating unnecessary duplicated tasks.