PencilBox is a Windows-based system developed to assist in the many aspects of school administration. The system can be fully customised and is able to meet the requirements of any school.

PencilBox captures and maintains comprehensive data of learners, their parents and staff. Learners are grouped into Grades, Register classes, Subject classes and Learner groups (Houses). These groups are date specific and form the operating base for all components of PencilBox. The system keeps a history of data as far back as required.

With over 170 schools currently using PencilBox – it has become a vital role-player in the school administration environment.

A backup feature exists for creating a zipped and compacted PencilBox database for Access users. User-defined schedules are available for automated backup procedures. Backup features are only available for SQL installations.

PencilBox is constantly being maintained and upgraded in response to changing educational approaches, departmental requirements and user requests. Go to “DOWNLOAD” for the newest versions.

The upgrade procedure is simple.

PencilBox can operate as a stand-alone system or over an extensive network, for an unlimited number of users. A Microsoft Access database system is suitable for stand-alone or small networks (1-9 Machines). Microsoft SQL Server is recommended as the platform for larger networks (10 machines +).

Operates as a stand-alone system or with an unlimited number of users over an extensive network.

System Requirements

PencilBox is Windows-based and will operate on Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 and NT Workstations.
Access-based databases do not require Microsoft Access to be installed.
SQL Server databases do require installation of SQL software available from Microsoft suppliers or a free version is available (See our Downloads page).