Principal PLUS

Principal+ is a fully integrated Administration, Financial and Communication system for Schools. The system is 100% web-based meaning that one only needs an internet connection to operate the system! No server is required at the School and the system is always available online. School management software has never been this easy!

The system is 100% web-based and totally integrated!

All Administration, Financial, Communication and management tasks are facilitated within the system. Direct reporting to the Department of Education, LURITS and the School Governing Body makes Principal+ the obvious choice.

Principal+ facilitates reporting to all role-players involved!

Principal+ is a multi-lingual system and currently supports both Afrikaans and English. It can be set per user.

Principal+ is a multi-lingual system.

The system uses a certified SSL certificate to encrypt the data to your browser with 256-bit encryption, which means that any information sent between you and the server will be safe and secure!

The system runs on SSL and is certified web safe!


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