SMART Software – Revision History 2.14

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2.14.249 2018/08/23

Changes were made to support new LURITS feedback files for learners.

2.14.248 2018/08/20

Changes were made to support new LURITS feedback files for personnel.

2.14.244 2018/02/09

Immigrant and Nationality fields were added to the Staff member screen, and will be exported to SA-SAMS.

2.14.243 2018/01/31

A bug in the export of staff absenteeism to SA-SAMS was fixed.

2.14.235 2017/12/01

The export to SA-SAMS has been adjusted so that SBA marks will appear on schedules.

2.14.234 2017/12/01

Condoned verdicts (C/K) have been enabled for grades 1, 2, 4, 5, 7 and 8.

2.14.233 2017/11/30

Schedule codes have been updated to P / NP / PG.

2.14.230 2017/11/28

A bug in the SA-SAMS promotion schedules preventing viewing/printing was fixed.

2.14.229 2017/11/22

Promotion requirements for Cambridge grades 4-12 were updated.

2.14.228 2017/10/19

Promotion requirements for Cambridge grades 4-7 were added.

2.14.225 2017/09/21

In the SA-SAMS export, the option to hide sensitive information no longer applies to state-paid staff members. The POPI disclaimer has been adapted accordingly.

2.14.224 2017/09/08

Online backups failed to connect to the FTP server.

2.14.223 2017/08/23

An option to hide contact information was added to the export to SA-SAMS, and A POPI disclaimer is now displayed when the data is exported.

2.14.222 2017/08/21

When editing staff members while working in Afrikaans, the Wederhelf tab wouldn’t show/save contact info unless the Kontak tab was clicked first.

2.14.221 2017/07/28

In Enter marks | Lists, the Pass statistics per subject and Symbol distribution lists worked on stored marks and didn’t take into account the number of decimal places set up for the selected column.

2.14.220 2017/07/20

An error could occur when printing ID cards for learners without contact information on the back.

2.14.219 2017/07/12

In Utilities | LURITS, ad-hoc feedback files can now be imported by choosing Browse on the New feedback tab.

2.14.218 2017/06/30

The export to SA-SAMS would experience an error if absenteeism was recorded for educators but not for non-educating staff members.

2.14.217 2017/06/27

The SA-SAMS schedule format will now print the selected verdict column as the term heading.

2.14.216 2017/06/27

Left teachers will now appear on learners’ conduct records in the Pupils screen.

2.14.215 2017/05/30

Some errors could occur in the export to SA-SAMS.

2.14.214 2017/05/22

In the export to SA-SAMS, learner progression records for the previous year caused a red circle to appear in Valistractor 5.2.

2.14.213 2017/05/09

In the Pupils screen, an error could occur when showing Years in grade/Years in phase columns on the Archive tab.

2.14.212 2017/04/26

The change made in version 2.14.209 has been reversed, since it increases the likelihood of subject conflicts. SA-SAMS doesn’t support multiple records per subject.

2.14.211 2017/04/24

Grade R report marks are now included in the Foundation phase report cycles during the SA-SAMS export.

2.14.210 2017/04/24

A Term dropdown was added to the SA-SAMS export. When a term is selected, final year-end promotions for the current year won’t be exported, which will prevent the Valistractor from complaining that it’s unable to perform validations for the selected term. If Finalized is selected instead, the final year-end promotions will be exported.

2.14.209 2017/04/20

All available subjects are now exported to SA-SAMS, not only subjects taken by learners. This is to accommodate educator subject specialization in subjects/grades not taken.

2.14.208 2017/04/19

In Admin | Staff, additional personnel categories were added for non-teaching staff.

In Admin | Staff | Scholastic | Subjects, a Confidence field was added.

The new options were added to the SA-SAMS export, and a bug was fixed that caused subject specialization to exported one grade less than the highest grade qualified.

2.14.207 2017/04/13

Primary and secondary disabilities will now be exported to SA-SAMS.

2.14.206 2017/04/12

In Admin | Pupils, fields were added to the individual Pupil screen for study permit, permit number and expiry date. These fields will also be exported to SA-SAMS.

2.14.205 2017/04/10

A field for the number of admin computers was added to Setup | School Info and will now be exported to SA-SAMS.

2.14.204 2017/04/10

Export of staff and educator absenteeism to SA-SAMS was updated to take public holidays into account. In addition, register classes are now required for all active learners before the export will proceed.

2.14.203 2017/04/05

Export of staff and educator absenteeism to SA-SAMS was updated with Remuneration statistics to comply with Errors & Omissions check.

2.14.202 2017/04/05

A function was added to import LURITS numbers from SA-SAMS databases. You can find it in Utilities | Data conversion.

2.14.201 2017/04/03

Archived learners without leave dates, or with leave dates from 2 or more years ago, aren’t exported anymore.

2.14.200 2017/04/03

Archived learners without LURITS numbers are no longer exported to SA-SAMS.

2.14.199 2017/03/31

Passport numbers are now exported to SA-SAMS for immigrants without ID numbers.

2.14.198 2017/03/29

Qualification detail (Academic, professional, institutions and other skills) fields and a field for a reason for no ID number, have been added to the Staff member screen and SA-SAMS export.

A social grant table and a field for a reason for no ID number have been added to the Pupil screen and SA-SAMS export.

2.14.195 2017/03/15

An error could occur when exporting to SA-SAMS if a learner had a reason longer than 250 characters. The reason will now be truncated to fit.

The reminder to submit to LURITS has been removed, as the majority of our schools can no longer submit to LURITS since the GDE disabled submissions except via SA-SAMS.

2.14.194 2017/03/07

Some improvements were made to the SA-SAMS exporter. Pre-grade R learners are no longer exported. NSC Exam Registration info is exported for grade 10-12 learners. An SA-SAMS link was added to Staff Leave Types. Finally, the Dbe@dmin user is automatically created if missing.

2.14.191 2017/02/10

Some errors, that could occur in the SAMS export due to missing information, have been fixed.

2.14.190 2017/02/09

Fields have been added to staff members for ICT skill, ICT usage and Reason for no SACE number. These are required by SAMS. In addition, some export checks have been added to identify active learners with leave dates, inactive learners without leave dates or reasons, state-paid staff without PERSAL numbers and educators without a SACE number or reason for no SACE number.

2.14.186 2017/01/22

Acting categories can now be unset for staff members, and when set to the same value as the actual category, it won’t be exported for LURITS.

2.14.185 2017/01/20

An error would occur during the SA-SAMS export if the school level in Setup | School Info wasn’t specified.

2.14.184 2017/01/20

An error would occur during the SA-SAMS export if teachers had subjects qualifications for non-numeric grades.

2.14.183 2017/01/19

Improvements were made to the SA-SAMS export.

2.14.178 2017/01/18

Adjustments were made to the SA-SAMS export to support changes in SA-SAMS version 16.3.1.

2.14.175 2017/01/17

When exporting to SA-SAMS, problems are now reported all at once and printable.

In Marks | Columns, columns were added for Term, Part and Pass mark.

2.14.172 2016/12/05

The Promotions function would only promote learners with codes P, S, C, K (grades 10-12) and P, C, K, NAS, BAH (lower grades), ignoring any custom promotion codes. I adjusted it to only retain learners without a result, or with codes F, D (grades 10-12) and R, T (lower grades).

2.14.171 2016/12/05

“CASS mark” and “Exam mark” have been changed to “SBA total” and “Exam total” in the part list in Marks | Columns.

2.14.170 2016/12/01

The new SA-SAMS schedule layouts were changed to use NP for FET phase, NRP for GET phase.

2.14.169 2016/11/30

NP was changed to NRP on the new SA-SAMS schedule layouts.

2.14.168 2016/11/30

An SA-SAMS retention schedule layout was added and GET retention codes fixed.

2.14.167 2016/11/29

A new promotion schedule layout based on the SA-SAMS format was added to the list of Gauteng schedules.

2.14.164 2016/11/11

The SAMS export will handle learners with a future date left like active learners.

2.14.159 2016/10/12

In the last version, the missing marks list would give an error.

2.14.158 2016/10/07

The missing marks list in Enter marks won’t list dropped subjects anymore.

The SAMS export has been improved.

2.14.157 2016/09/30

An error would occur when printing AP scores on the reports if any subject column’s decimals weren’t filled in.

2.14.156 2016/09/26

Immigrants in grade 7-9 with 50% or more in a home language and failing a first additional language were incorrectly marked as retained.

2.14.151 2016/08/04

Terms and public holidays for 2017 have been fixed.

In the timetable, you can now print activities and set distributions from the timetable.

2.14.150 2016/07/22

In Administration | Pupil Register, a Gender column was added to the daily absenteeism and absenteeism statistics list, and absenteeism statistics can now be viewed/printed/exported per class.

2.14.147 2016/05/27

In Enter Marks | Columns, disabling grade columns should work as expected now.

2.14.146 2016/05/20

In Pupil Register | Print | Statisics, the % Attendance and % Absence columns were swapped to match the departmental sheet.

2.14.144 2016/05/12

Ammyy has been replaced with AnyDesk. TeamViewer is no longer distributed with the program but will still appear in the Utilities menu if it’s present in the program folder.

2.14.140 2016/05/02

The absenteeism statistics were updated to match the requirements of the new forms, and an Excel export was added.

2.14.137 2016/03/18

The new condoning rules introduced last year will now only be used if activated in Marks | Columns.

2.14.135 2016/03/09

The SA-SAMS export could link pupils to the wrong grades for their subjects.

2.14.134 2016/03/03

Civil, Mechanical and Electrical Technology specializations were added to the LURITS validation of learners’ subjects.

2.14.132 2016/02/10

An error occurred when printing contact lists for parents.

2.14.131 2016/02/09

Technical Mathematics and Technical Science was added to the LURITS validation of learners’ subjects.

2.14.129 2016/02/04

LURITS codes were added Technical Mathematics and Technical Science; Civil Technology’s Services, Woodworking and Construction; Electrical Technology’s Power Systems, Electronics and Digital Electronics; and Mechanical Technology’s Automotive, Welding and Fitting and Turning.

2.14.125 2016/01/26

The old credit-based SMS server’s code has been removed.

2.14.119 2015/11/30

Condonation of up to 7% in 3 subjects have been incorporated as described in circular 3 of 2015. In order to activate this, Condonation must be ticked for the appropriate senior phase columns in Marks | Columns before Verdicts are recalculated. Schedules will automatically print adjusted marks with a *, and on the reports the adjusted mark and condonation * can be selected via options on the <Mark> field.

2.14.116 2015/10/14

Excel settings on the schedule will now be saved.

Schedules and marks lists and statistics will now print without part-time learners by default. Subject averages can be calculated without part-time learners – the setting is in Enter marks | Calculate | Subject averages.

On the grade 7/8 Possible Retention Schedules, the headings are now sized correctly and reasons can be printed.

On the ANA Marks Sheet, Math and language totals were swapped around.

In the Timetable, you can now pin/unpin all combination groups by right-clicking on the grid.

In the Report Designer, new images will now be saved in the database by default.

TeamViewer QuickSupport has been upgraded to version 10.

2.14.115 2015/08/19

Since 2.14.114, an error could occur when trying to send SMSs.

2.14.114 2015/08/17

An ANA Marks Sheet was added to the marks schedules.

2.14.113 2015/08/04

The internet registration option has been reactivated and updated.

In pupil conduct records, the minimum width of the points columns have been increased. Note that these columns scale with their headings.

Terms and public holidays for 2016 and 2017 have been added.

2.14.111 2015/07/02

Some schools experienced errors when trying to send LURITS files.

2.14.110 2015/07/01

On Gauteng GET promotion schedules exported to Excel, the footer overlapped with the last two rows on the page.

2.14.109 2015/06/01

A setting was added to prevent LURITS warnings on the main menu. Contact support if required.

The LURITS Send/Receive function will no longer ask to change the path.

Feedback files are no longer decrypted when the LURITS screen loads, only when they’re processed.

Deployment letters are now sorted by date descending, and the first option selected by default.

2.14.108 2015/05/07

Schedules can now be printed per register class. Many small improvements were made to logos, headers and footers.

The LURITS XML encoder has been replaced by online decryption and command-line extraction.

A deployment letter was added to the Print options in LURITS.

You can now Return a learner from a previous year.

2.14.102 2015/03/19

An error would occur when exporting staff members to csv if a staff member’s spouse’s employer was longer than 20 characters.

Learner cellphone numbers and e-mails wouldn’t print on reports.

Staff or parent addresses copied from the spouse didn’t save correctly.

2.14.101 2015/03/09

Copied addresses for parents or staff members didn’t save.

The Class column on subject lists print-outs was widened.

2.14.100 2015/03/02

In Marks | Reports, the rows limit for the pupil section wasn’t working, and learners’ e-mail and cellphone numbers didn’t print.

2.14.99 2015/02/12

In the Account statements, learners’ the text “name” in learners’ surnames was being replaced with their names.

2.14.98 2015/02/03

When printing SMS messages, the delivery status was printing outdated messages.

In Admin | Promotions, the function to set the previous years leavers’ date and reason left didn’t work for this year.

2.14.97 2015/01/30

Ageing analysis reports can now be printed up to a given date.

2.14.96 2015/01/27

An error would occur when exporting to SASAMS if users were linked to teachers.

2.14.95 2014/12/11

In Admin | Promotions, promotion codes C and K in grades 10-12 will now be recognized for promotion.

2.14.94 2014/12/05

In Enter marks, own verdict code 1 was displayed when own verdict code 2 was saved.

2.14.93 2014/12/05

In Enter marks | Lists | Pass statistics, cell values were printing in the wrong columns.

2.14.92 2014/12/04

In Enter marks | Lists | Pass statistics, an error occurred.

2.14.90 2014/12/03

Four user-defined verdict codes (2 for FET, 2 for GET) were added to the marks system. Set them up in Marks | Verdicts | Select a phase | Verdicts. These can be entered in Enter marks and printed on reports and schedules.

2.14.90 2014/11/26

Apostrophes in new addresses for parents/learners/staff would cause an error.

The Gauteng FET schedules have been updated to print 2 digits for birthday month and day.

2.14.89 2014/11/21

The Senior phase promotion schedule has been updated to print PR for condonation, and to zero-pad the month and day in learners’ birth dates.

2.14.88 2014/11/18

Apostrophes in extra-curricular activities / teams / positions / awards are now handled correctly.

The Senior phase promotion schedule has been updated to print RP/NRP promotion codes.

2.14.86 2014/10/30

The LURITS export for ANA marks has been updated to export raw marks.

2.14.85 2014/10/13

In Admin | Parents | Print | Information pages, parents’ contact information didn’t always print.

2.14.84 2014/10/07

SMS messages are now sent in batches to improve speed.

2.14.83 2014/09/18

Admin | Pupils | Print | List didn’t work for schools who didn’t upgrade from 2.13.

The LURITS export for ANA marks has been updated for learners who are externally verified.

2.14.82 2014/09/15

Added support for uploading ANA marks to LURITS.

2.14.81 2014/09/10

Bunked subjects weren’t being displayed correctly on pupils’ absenteeism records.

2.14.80 2014/09/03

The number wrote/passed/failed statistics for the symbol distribution list in Enter marks didn’t take into account subject-specific pass marks.

The Gauteng GET progression schedule will now print A/NA instead of RP/NRP.

In Admin | Pupils and its Print | List, the LSEN number has been added to the available columns.

In Utilities | SMS, you can now see the original message to which a recipient replied.

When editing a parent record, changes to the emergency note field will now be detected.

When editing addresses for pupils, parents or staff, apostrophes in addresses will now be saved.

2.14.79 2014/07/18

The SMS module can now receive replies.

2.14.78 2014/07/15

The SMS module can now send messages of up to 4 parts, and a maximum of 612 standard characters. In addition, the system now sends via http to instead of using a MySQL ODBC driver.

2.14.77 2014/07/07

In School Fees | Statements, you can now choose to exclude credit-balance and archived accounts, and the description for credit balances carried over from a previous year has been changed to ‘Thank you for your payments’.

In School Fees | Ageing Analysis, the values are now right-aligned. In addition, small floating-point inaccuracies could cause zero-balance accounts to print unnecessarily, this has been corrected.

2.14.76 2014/06/24

In Admin | Pupils, a part-time column was added to Columns and Print | List.

Extract subject lists will now handle key classes without teachers in the same key as classes with teachers.

2.14.75 2014/06/13

An error would occur when recalculating for a specific class and subject.

The Marks Disks wouldn’t export comments longer than 255 characters.

When extracting subject lists, the register class teacher will be used by default for class-type subject lists unless a different booking was found on the timetable.

2.14.74 2014/06/04

An error could occur when recalculating an individual learner’s marks.

Area code changes in Parents and Staff weren’t saved.

2.14.73 2014/04/22

An error could occur when exporting to SA-SAMS.

2.14.72 2014/04/10

The program now offers to automatically make online backups on shutdown every 3rd day.

Online backups should handle problematic databases more effectively now.

In Marks | Reports, an option was added to transfer reports to the next year.

Quarterly absenteeism returns should print the correct totals now.

2.14.71 2014/03/25

The ‘Average of all learning areas’ calculation method grades 7-9 weren’t calculating correctly.

In Marks | Verdicts, the Afrikaans Baccalaureus endorsement text didn’t save correctly.

2.14.70 2014/03/20

In Enter marks, when calculating learner averages, a 1 was appended to each mark in the calculation log. It was purely a cosmetic problem.

Marks reports now print according to the LoLT instead of the home language.

A new feature – subject packages. You can now set up subject choices and requirements per grade, class and LoLT, to automatically load subjects for new learners.

2.14.69 2014/03/04

In the Pupil register, the statistics totals calculated attendance by subtracting the number of absent learner-days from the number of learners. Now it subtracts the number of absent learner-days from the total number of learner-days.

2.14.68 2014/02/27

When sending e-mail, the program now recognizes server error codes followed by a hypen instead of a space.

The SA-SAMS export can now export to version 14 databases and will now export school and cycle info, educator subject specialisation and teaching load.

2.14.67 2014/02/21

In Admin | Pupils, the Date and Reason left fields have been disabled for active pupils.

2.14.66 2014/02/06

The LURITS module has been adapted to ignore G1 to G4 grades per Curro requirements.

2.14.65 2014/01/27

Export academic class lists from Administration | Subject lists didn’t export the right class.

An error could occur when printing information pages for people without contact info.

2.14.64 2013/12/02

Eastern Cape GET progression schedule can now print level instead of marks.

2.14.63 2013/12/01

The Gauteng FET promotion schedule has been updated according to recent examples.

2.14.62 2013/11/25

The “Overwrite user-modified calculated marks” option is back in the marks calculations.

A couple of bugs in the Timetable’s automatic combination builder were fixed.

2.14.60 2013/11/20

Problems with column selection in Reports were fixed.

2.14.58 2013/11/15

Problems with column selection in Enter marks and Class lists were fixed.

2.14.57 2013/11/12

In Enter marks, hidden columns couldn’t be reactivated for the last few versions.

2.14.56 2013/10/22

The export for the NSC entries program has been adjusted for the new version of that software.

2.14.55 2013/10/16

Most options in Pupils | Print weren’t visible in version 2.14.54, and the application title was set incorrectly.

2.14.54 2013/10/14

SMS messages containing e-mail addresses were sometimes handled incorrectly.

2.14.53 2013/10/07

Pupil abseenteeism records were very slow to print on some databases.

2.14.52 2013/10/07

In Marks | Verdicts | FET phase | Averages, you can now control how LO and FAL are included in learner averages.

2.14.50 2013/09/19

In the Marks Disks, you can now unselect columns by subject when importing marks.

In Admin | Promotions, the Copy timetable function didn’t copy period bookings.

2.14.49 2013/08/23

In Marks | Reports, some parent fields weren’t working since 2.14.47.

2.14.48 2013/08/07

The LURITS Send/Receive function should download feedback files properly now.

2.14.47 2013/08/05

An error occurred when printing reports if a verdict was selected in the configuration of the pupil section.

2.14.46 2013/07/29

In the Pupil register, typing an apostrophe into the name search field would cause it to be duplicated.

2.14.45 2013/07/22

A new Send/Receive method for the LURITS module. This transmits via HTTP which should bypass most firewalls, antivirus filters and restrictive network configurations.

2.14.44 2013/06/13

Version 2.14.43 encountered an error in View timetables.

2.14.43 2013/06/06

In the Pupils, Parents and Staff, on the column selection screen the unsorted columns are now sorted.

When adding stock, unique numbers can be generated for the barcode field.

Invalid dates like 1900/01/01 caused problems in the LURITS module.

2.14.41 2013/05/27

The export to SA-SAMS was fixed to export subjects and marks for the latest versions of SA-SAMS.

2.14.40 2013/05/24

The LURITS Send/Receive procedure will now use active mode FTP.

In Admin | Pupils, I added a field for Old surname on a pupil’s Personal page. Please enter old surnames here, and not in brackets after the current surname, since it causes problems for LURITS.

In Admin | Pupils, only photos with lowercase extensions would be recognized in Photo column on the main list.

2.14.39 2013/05/21

With the latest versions of SA-SAMS, an error could occur when export from Smart to SA-SAMS due to new subject relationships.

2.14.38 2013/05/15

LURITS feedback files containing extra-curricular activities will be processed correctly now.

2.14.37 2013/05/14

In the E-mail and SMS modules, the family code will now be displayed when viewing the address/phone book for parents, and the gender for pupils.

In Administration | Parents, you can now add parent photos.

Further adjustments to the LURITS Send/Receive procedure.

2.14.36 2013/05/13

Downloading feedback files via the Send/Receive button wasn’t working correctly.

2.14.35 2013/05/10

The automated changeover of the POP interface folder added in 2.13.65 wasn’t working. Also, the export function wasn’t including learners who were last submitted in 2011 or earlier.

2.14.34 2013/05/06

The changes in version 2.14.33 prevent the LURITS module from exporting unless there was an existing file in the \sending subfolder. Log files will now be generated during export and upload/download.

2.14.33 2013/04/25

Some errors were corrected in the Verdict calculations. The ‘Promote all’ calculation would cause an error for grades below 7, which affected schools who still used the 2007 rules. Also, learners in grades 1-6 with 2 home languages should now be calculated correctly.

A lot of changes in the LURITS module. You can now see the files in the POP interface’s sending, sent, errors and logs folders. All export files are now generated with a single button. Sequence numbers should auto-reset at the beginning of a year. Also, the problem-checking and export procedures should run a lot quicker.

A Send/Receive button was added in the LURITS module which will transfer files to and from Principal Primary’s LURITS server. This means we won’t need to use the POP Interface anymore. Before switching to this method, retrieve and process any outstanding feedback files for files submitted through the POP Interface. When ready, the Send/Receive button will switch your interface folder to a \lurits subfolder in the Smart database folder. This’ll allow the submission to be done using any computer that works on Smart.

On a staff member’s Employment tab, you can now select ‘Not a staff member / Not for LURITS’ in the Category dropdown. This will prevent the record from being submitted to LURITS.

2.14.32 2013/04/18

The AP scores on the reports didn’t handle missing marks correctly, included the LO mark, and generated some incorrect totals. It should work better now, but still lacks a feature – it counts all subjects of a learner (excluding LO), not just the compulsory + 3 best choice subjects. This will be added in a later version.

2.14.31 2013/04/15

The calculation of diploma endorsement in the FET phase counted languages twice.

2.14.30 2013/04/12

A field to print APS scores has been added to the report designer in the learner column section (i.e. in the same red blocks as the pupil average and verdict fields).

The Online backup function would fail if a database contained invalid stored queries, and wouldn’t recover properly after an upload was cancelled.

When e-mailing account statements, previous years’ transactions won’t be included anymore.

In the SMS module, printing the message summary will now include archived messages.

2.14.29 2013/03/18

The export for the NSC examination entries should handle phone numbers correctly now.

2.14.28 2013/03/13

The export for the NSC examination entries (Utilities | Data conversion | Examination entries) has been updated with the latest changes.

2.14.27 2013/03/12

This update includes Ammyy Admin 3.1, which has similar capabilities to TeamViewer but which is much less expensive to license.

In the reports, subject names with preceding spaces were handled inconsistently in subject comments.

2.14.26 2013/03/05

The SMS module will now work with either “MySQL ODBC 5.2(w) Driver” or “MySQL ODBC 5.2w Driver”.

2.14.24 2013/02/20

The comma-delimited export will now warn about incorrect regional settings instead of crashing, and the staff export will now include the details from their Employment tab.

In the Staff, adding phone numbers or e-mail addresses to a staff member’s spouse would cause an error.

2.14.23 2013/02/20

When sending sms’s via the new server, an error while sending could result in messages remaining in the Outbox.

2.14.22 2013/02/18

Viewing messages in a pupil, parents or staff member’s file could throw an error.

2.14.21 2013/02/11

The Online Backup function tried to delete a temp file without specifying a path, which could affect the current working directory and database.

2.14.20 2013/02/07

The LURITS module didn’t submit non-educators’ qualifications and teaching levels correctly.

An error in the calendar notification function was fixed.

If the MySQL driver fails, the SMS module will now try a backup method to send messages to the new server.

2.14.19 2013/01/30

The LURITS module still required separate Natural Science and Technology subjects rather than the combined Natural Science and Technology subject for grades 4 to 6.

2.14.18 2013/01/30

The LURITS module reported problems if educator-specific info (like post level) wasn’t filled in for all staff members.

Emergency contact info entered in a parent file wouldn’t save unless the Father or Mother tabs were clicked first.

2.14.17 2013/01/30

In the SMS module, replies wouldn’t be received unless there were sent messages which required a status check.

2.14.16 2013/01/29

In Marks | Reports, printing mutiple pupils per page in multiple rows and columns didn’t work correctly.

2.14.15 2013/01/28

An Online Backup function was added in Utilities. Back up your data to our server anytime! We’re also planning to soon automate LURITS submissions using these backups.

2.14.13 2013/01/23

In the Staff member screen, phone numbers and addresses for a staff member would be saved for the spouse.

2.14.12 2013/01/18

The SMS system has been adjusted to switch to Principal Software’s SMS server when the existing credits are used up. SMS’s will now be invoiced after being sent, rather than requiring credits to be purchased ahead of time. This change requires the installation of MySQL ODBC 5.2(w) Driver, which is included in the full and update installers. Please install the update on each computer from which SMS’s are sent.

2.14.11 2013/01/17

The SMS system has been adjusted to switch to Principal Software’s SMS server when the existing credits are used up. SMS’s will now be invoiced after being sent, rather than requiring credits to be purchased ahead of time. This change requires the installation of MySQL ODBC 5.2(w) Driver, which is included in the full and update installers. Please install the update on each computer from which SMS’s are sent.

In the Staff member screen, e-mail addresses for a staff member would be saved for the spouse, and the button to copy addresses produced an error.

Errors while resizing the Email screen will now be ignored.

2.14.10 2012/12/07

In Substitution, the automatic allocation tab for the swap function didn’t display.

2.14.09 2012/12/05

In Build timetables, the blocks didn’t handle the last period of a day correctly.

2.14.08 2012/11/30

2.14.07 2012/11/29

An error would occur when editing and saving e-mail addresses for parents.

An error would occur in the Calendar when viewing February 2013 in month view.

KwaZulu-Natal schedules were adjusted according to the latest examples.

In Enter marks | Lists, the Symbol distribution per subject list gave incorrect totals.

In Build timetables, an error could occur if the timetable cycle was shortened after blocks were entered for teachers.

In Marks | Reports, an error could occur when loading an invalid or corrupted report layout.

In the report designer, adjustments to the bottom margin wasn’t being saved.

2.14.06 2012/11/27

In the e-mail module, log files were being deleted before they could be displayed.

2.14.05 2012/11/22

The SASAMS export was updated for the latest changes which prevented exported subjects from being read.

In the marks schedules, the SBA and Exam recording sheet will now circle failing marks separately.

In School fees | Receipts, the learners associated with an account will now be printed on the receipt.

2.14.04 2012/11/19

In Admin | Pupil register, an error would occur if Edit or Add with detail was used for a learner without subjects.

In the Timetables, you can now backup and restore timetables to keep multiple timetables for a year.

2.14.03 2012/11/15

In Build timetables, an error could occur when dragging periods on the timetable.

In Admin | Pupil register, an option was added to the Tools menu to mark entire grades absent for the selected date.

In Admin | Pupils and Admin | Staff, an error would occur when changing a pupil or staff member’s admin number.

In Marks | Reports, photos on reports will work correctly again.

The option to copy an address in the parents’ files is working now.

2.14.02 2012/11/08

In Build timetables | Combinations, the Automatic function would give an error if it had to create more combinations.

Since 2.14.01, in Build timetables, drag-and-drop from the activity list wasn’t working.

In Admin | Class lists, the Extract function will now allocate teachers to subject lists as specified on the Combinations tab of the timetable if it doesn’t find a period booking to use.

In Admin | Pupils, when entering a pupil’s previous or next school, you can now select {New school…} (at the bottom of the dropdown list) to directly add a new school to the program’s list.

In the Calendar, an error could occur after entering a venue if no timetable exists for the year.

2.14.01 2012/11/08

Errors would occur when trying to save contact info for new pupils, parents or staff.

In Admin | Houses | Distribution, the option to allocate new learners can now keep siblings in the same house.

2.14.00 2012/11/06

It’s a busy time of year so I’m releasing this version as a beta before mainstreaming the changes. The modifications to contact info (see below) influenced many areas of the program. I’ll maintain the 2.13 side-by-side with 2.14 until I’m comfortable with the stability of the additions.

A new Calendar function was added. You can use this to record single and recurring events and reminders. Events can be shared with other users, and venue conflict checking is included. It also connects with teachers’ timetables – check each user’s Staff link in Setup | Users, and period start and end times in Timetables | Setup.

Support was added for any amount of telephone numbers, e-mail and geographic addresses per person. Existing data is converted automatically to the new version, but note that changes to contact info done in version 2.14 may be difficult to downgrade to version 2.13 if you need to downgrade for any reason.

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