Welcome to Multi-channel Communication!

Never before has school communication been easier! With Multi-Channel Communication, messages can be simultaneously sent to various combinations of Parents, Learners, Staff, Groups, Debtors or Outside Contacts via Principal Talk, Email and SMS.

As one of fifteen delivery methods, schools can choose “Least Cost Routing”. The system will then analyse a list of recipients and automatically find the most cost effective way of delivering a message either by Email, SMS or Principal Talk.

Schools can add multiple attachments to messages and send it via Principal Talk, Email and SMS!

In Summary, Multi-Channel Communication is:


  • Send one message to different subsets of Parents, Learners, Staff, Groups, Debtors or Outside Contacts simultaneously.
Cost Effective
  • The system chooses the most economical method of communication for each individual recipient. E.g. a message to parents will be sent to 60% of parents via the Principal Talk app, to 35% via email and to the rest via sms.
More Versatile
  • Multiple Attachments can be sent per message, either via Principal Talk, Email or even SMS!
  • Communicate to a wide range of pre-defined debtor groups (per age or balance).
Complete Communication
  • The system automatically flags those recipients that have no registered communication channel for quick rectification.
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